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About us

Nordic Deep Tech is the global community with an interest in world-changing deep tech from the Nordic and Baltic region.

What we do:

  • Organize the NORDEEP Summit, the first and only business-focused deep tech conference in Europe
  • Share the latest news and updates
  • Nordic Deep Tech Podcast
  • Offer business development services
  • Aggregate deep tech startup, investor and university lists for public

Why we exist:

We believe that the New Nordics has potential to be the world’s leader in deep tech and solve major global challenges.

Our mission is to unlock the massive potential for deep tech in the New Nordics by empowering the ecosystem and its stakeholders. We do this by improving the research-to-business landscape for research teams, startups, investors, corporates and supporting entities.

The Nordic and Baltic region is the world’s leading research ecosystem and has unique entrepreneurial talent and the momentum to build scalable businesses with impact. The New Nordics produce the most Unicorns per capita in the world after Silicon Valley – now let’s do that with deep tech.

Science and technology hold the keys to solving our grandest challenges and are critical for enabling the industrial and societal transformation that humanity and our planet needs. Focus is required not only in basic research, but also in converting discoveries into commercially viable ventures and then supporting research teams and startups in their growth and impact.

Let us celebrate researchers and scientists for their work and commitment to making discoveries that may someday improve millions of lives. Our community strives to be inclusive, encouraging and to support all researchers who want to make a positive impact with their work, regardless of their background.


15 years of history 2007-2022

Nordic Deep Tech is owned and operated by ArcticStartup, an independent company that organizes ArcticStartup Events and runs ArcticStartup Media.

A startup media outlet that reports on digital startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic region.

As the creator of organisations covering a wide area in Northern Europe, ArcticStartup Events has been serving since 2007 to meet the needs of both entrepreneurs and investors as much as possible. Over a total of 72 events bear ArcticStartup Events’ signature. 12 of them are Arctic15 events. During these events, more than 26,000 one-on-one meetings were held. Our events have seen more than 18,000 participants so far. The two-day events attract international crowds aside from the Baltics and Nordic regions. These events bring together startups, investors, entrepreneurs, media and influencers to make new connections or strengthen existing ones. Besides all, we are growing year after year with the contribution of the attendees since we draw the general framework of the events in line with their needs.